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I'm Jenny and this is the Monkey House, a boutique for beautifully crafted jewelry, gifts, accessories and more. I've been operating since 2007, historically mostly through eBay. This new site represents an exciting phase for myself and my business - branching out to true independence! If you would be more comfortable buying from me through my more established store for now or if you found your way here through an eBay link and want to head back, please visit my Monkey House eBay Store directly.


This site is very new and only shows a very limited selection of what I have to offer. I am working very hard to expand my selection as I build from scratch and nurture my dream of making this a place for small business and artisan-made goods, crafted in the United States....items you will find beautiful and useful! I would be so happy if you would choose to purchase from me through this new venue but please do feel free to check eBay for a much larger selection. This site is only available to the U.S and Canada so far so please go there as well if you are in another country. Thank you so much! I promise to be working every single day to turn this site into an avenue the lovely and professional looking shopping experience I know you all deserve!